Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ice Crystals in the Sunshine

It was so beautiful outside I forgot it was cold and kept snapping photos of ice crystals on pine needles and shimmering branches in the sunlight. Extraordinary contrast and color was the payoff.

Last night branches were cracking and I kept hoping nothing would crash down on my house. Whew! No damage...only fantastic sights to see.

 And there was more!! I loved the lines and the close ups of ice


crystals in the sunshine.

Wishing for Spring, Dreaming of Roses

When you're a painter, you create your own world. With some snow still hanging around and talk of ice on the roads I'd rather think of spring and red roses. Here's what I worked on yesterday and today:
Floating Into Spring, Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 30"x24"

a. lower right hand corner

b. close-up

c. close up
d. close up
e. close up

f. close up

g. close up


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happiness is Making a Painting

Yesterday was pretty ho-hum...until I broke out the paints and starting playing with them. The very, very best part of my day. I found myself making strokes and adding colors that built something that looked like the sunshine and surf that I miss so much....Southern California, beaches in Hawaii. Oh, way too far away.

"Blue and Gold" is watercolor and ink on paper, 30"x24".

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Colors CAN Dance!

It's true! Colors can dance. They can  play tricks with your eyes -- and your heart. Have you ever seen a red that made you smile? A blue that brought you back to the day you spent at the beach and watched the ocean? And yellows! They can be pure sunshine.

I felt as if I captured some of that in these two paintings:

"Dancing in the River"
"Skinny Dipping in the River"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oceans of Life and Bright Spirits

Life brings events that defy words and twist our beings into positions we never thought we would find ourselves. A phone call did it for me last night. A cousin called from Virginia Beach...her cousin was gone...He died in an unfortunate accident in his home. A fall...that's all it took to end his life.

I painted ocean scenes for her and for my late cousin's sons...symbolic of our voyages on this planet. Without exception, they are all beyond our control. We can make plans, but the universe often has other designs.

When I turn to my paints and brushes, it seems to make more sense than trying to sort out what is going around me.
Ocean Voyage I

Ocean Voyage II

Ocean Voyage III

And while the paints and brushes were out, I made another painting to send to a friend of the arts.

Bright Spirits

Monday, November 10, 2014

An Overflow of Emotions

     When words don't do it, when they don't even begin to get to the bottom of all the feelings that have gathered steam and seem trapped in a little cupboard behind your brain -- somehow, they get released when brush and paint hit a solid surface. Oddly enough, they even communicate to others things you could never begin to say.
      Such was the case with "Overflow of Emotions." In fact, I shared it with a very dear cousin and she related to it as much as I did. Right now, it is on my desk drying. Next to is a mailing label that will go on the package when it is safe enough to travel.
      Does this do it for you?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Art Heals

My own version of therapy: I took out my rage against the forces of nature a few days ago on two perfectly harmless canvases. In my opinion, the paintings on them were mediocre -- but I could have sold them or given them away to someone who might have enjoyed them. No matter...they were in the cross hairs of my whatever...

So, with brush, paint and palette knives I destroyed two very innocent paintings that had never done anyone any wrong. On top of the abstract images I plastered paint and it soothed my psyche.

Today, I went back, in somewhat of a better place. Remarkably, I found that I wasn't doing damage,
maybe even improving the images a bit. I'll share them here -- only to point to a couple of works in progress that have healing powers.

Fireworks, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

                                         "Hidden Meanings," Oil on Canvas, 24"x24"

A section of "Hidden Meanings"

Another section of "Hidden Meanings"

And still another section of "Hidden Meanings"
I highly recommend the process!